Monday, June 25, 2007

Making new friends

I received the following Q & A in an email from the super-salafis over in Canada. The unoriginal title of the email was: "Pulling the Carpet from Under the Feet of the Takfeerist Cells that Exist in the West" and the fatwa is issued by Ahmed An-Najmi.

Question: Firstly, I love you for the sake of Allah and I ask Allah to preserve you just as He preserves all of His righteous servants. Here (in France), the French Government is appealing to the Salafis for their cooperation in capturing the Takfeerists[1]. In all actuality they are requesting that we work alongside them to catch these individuals. Is this something that the religion of Islam deems permissible or not -may Allah bless you?

Answer: Truthfully, the Takfeerists are considered to be enemies of Islam and enemies of the Muslims as they are responsible for actions that have harmed the Muslims. It is ok for (the Muslims) to point the (authorities) in their direction and to clarify what they are upon if they are certain about these people.[2]

The question that comes to my mind is that these super-salafis are so damn narrow-minded, they are likely to list Sayyid Qutb as a takfeeri, and by extension anyone who reads his works. So are they going to point the police to investigate brothers from Ikhwan al-Muslimeen?

An even more interesting question is, will the UK super-salafis use this fatwa as proof that they can co-operate with MI5, the same guys responsible for the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes and the Forest Gate debacle? I guess time will tell.


Anonymous said...

Where have you been living bruv?

CP: Yes, one of the unique aspects of your case is that much of the so-called ‘evidence’ used against you was based on false information, provided by your local place of worship – Brixton Mosque, and in particular, their head, Abdul Haq Baker. Can you describe your relationship with them, what role they played in your arrest and detention? What words of advice do you have for the members of that mosque and their leader?

KM: In the beginning, when I was attending Brixton mosque, I was a very active member of the mosque. I volunteered, I laid the carpet down, I did a lot of good. I intended good for the community. But some politics happened. The leader was there - the original one - and the community rejected him and Abdul Haq became a transitional leader. He had lasted there for some time, and he was due to have some elections in Brixton Mosque. Once Abdul Haq ascended to power, he became a tyrant; he put his friends around him, and he wouldn’t listen to anyone. He had this thing that they were the saved group and everyone else was different. So I didn’t like this approach, so I tried to advise them many times, but things didn’t go quietly. So we decided to move from Brixton Mosque, and so we set up in the Town Hall. We used to do Jumuah (Friday congregational prayers) there, and alhamdulillah, the numbers started increasing. But they didn’t like that. So initially they banned me from the mosque; they said I was a deviant, because few numbers they had. Eventually, an incident happened; one of their members followed me one time - that was in ’95 - outside the mosque after evening prayers and assaulted me, beat me up. I made a report to the police and they went to look for him. So as a result they came to me and asked me to drop the charges because he was a Muslim brother etc. So I told them, ‘Ok, we do everything according to Islam’. I dropped the charges and we made arbitration. They had agreed that they were at fault, and they were supposed to pay me compensation according to Shari’ah. They never paid. Alhamdulillah that was the last time I left Brixton Mosque. So I went, I was doing my own activities, doing my work, minding my own business, since ’95. So I was very surprised to hear in the year 2002 that Abdul Haq had written a letter to the Home Office stating that I had close links to individuals and organisations involved in terrorism. He mentioned some individuals who prayed at Brixton Mosque, but I had never met these people at Brixton Mosque. So I don’t know how he put me together and how he was trying to link me with the activities of those individuals. It seems it was from maliciousness, trying to make me a scapegoat. Alhamdulillah, during the process of the hearing, it was established that the Home Secretary had received the letter on the 22nd June 2002 from officials of Brixton Mosque, stating that I was a supposed threat to national security, and he was acting on that information, and that’s why I was arrested in Belmarsh. So alhamdulillah, it was understood that if there was to be a proper hearing, they would have to appear in court, and of course, they would have to be cross-examined. But somehow it feels that none of them had the guts to come in front of the court, and to substantiate whatever allegations that they made, and that is how the case was dropped. Allah knows best. So this is basically what happened to me.

Kashif said...

Subhanallah what a shame, and i used to know Abdul Haq Baker. What a criminal!

After i put up this post yesterday i thought i should have mentioned that what i feared was that just like in Afghanistan & Iraq you have tribesmen calling the American's to strike their personal enemies, under the pretense that these enemies are al-Qaeda terrorists, likewise, as illustrated with Abdul-Haq Baker here, its easy for these guys to brand someone as a terrorist sympathiser and get MI5 to arrest them and ruin their lives.

Abu Mus'ab said...

It's so sad the muslims will back stab other muslims for petty things like ego politics or a small amount of money.

I guess they don't realize the great burden they place on themselves.

Anonymous said...

What is your position on Hassan Butt? I have heard a great deal from him in the media over the last few days and none of it any good. He has said some terrible things about Islam. There are a few good posts on the web about him. The best I have found is on I have included the link below

Anonymous said...

The remarks from the cage Priosners are rather untrue to say the least. It has been critically addressed here (p. 105):

It is not really impartial for Cage Prisoners to have merely based their piece on the biased experiences of Muhammad al-Keenee (i.e. 'KM' - Kenyan Muhammad); they should also have heard Brixton Mosque's side. I also encourage Kashif do to the same before rashly branding Abdul-Haqq Baker as "a criminal".

AbdulHaq al-Ashanti

Anonymous said...

A Muslim barrister that I know of has also seen evidence and heard testimony from Abdul Haq Baker against other individuals - not the brother interviewed by Cageprisoners. So I think his state is well known.

A H said...

Anonymous, please cite your evidence of a barrister who has heard me giving evidence in court or providing evidence against any Muslim. I'm sure if this is true this barrister will have no problem citing the case/s.

I've also responded to the lies of KM (Kenyan Muhammad) and the fact that I've NEVER given evidence against him in writing or otherwise. You should verify things as is stated in Surah Hujurat before you run with things but unfortunately, many of us today are happy to hear qeel wa qal.

Abdul Haqq Baker

Bunt Muslim said...

I used to go to Brixton mosque and everything said about Abdul haqq is true. His friends are just like him too! May Allah help KM he is such a good brother unlike most Brixton brothers they are fake!!!
@Abdul haq is that why you beat your wife up so badly!!! She now tuns self defence classes and your other wives waited years to divorce you cos you wouldnt allow them to do so! And why you give susters a bad name if they dont marry you! Cos your such a good Muslim? I know too much about you and your so-called salafi friends I'm tempted to publish a book!!!