Sunday, July 29, 2007

If you sell your soul to the devil, don't be surprised when he betrays you

Today's Observer newspaper carries an article that highlights a dilemma for practising Muslims. It describes the story of Bisher al-Rawi, an Iraqi refugee who was bundled off to Guantanamo by way of CIA extraordinary rendition.

Whats the big deal (if that wasn't big enough) you might ask. The big deal is that al-Rawi was at one time working for MI5 and keeping tabs on the likes of Abu Qatada.

I know that in some circles it would be deemed unacceptable to be allying oneself with the security services of this country, and its seen as equivalent to selling your soul to the devil.

Despite al-Rawi receiving assurances from MI5 that if he ever got into trouble they would come to his aid, when the CIA took him into custody MI5 didn't lift a finger, and in fact were complicit in his rendition.

So what's the message? The message is that you can denounce the lunatics as much as you want. You can even work for the security services if you want. But you'd be foolish if you believe that counts for anything if the Americans come knocking.

I'll end with this quote from the article which all Muslims and informants need to reflect on:

"He (al-Rawi) said an MI5 lawyer had given him 'cast iron' assurances that anything he told them would be treated in the strictest confidence and, if he ever got into trouble, MI5 would do everything in its power to help him."

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Richard H said...

I'd really like to see Al Qaeda and their ilk fail in their efforts. I had seen plenty of evidence that the CIA is incompetent to do much about them. Now you tell me MI5 isn't any better. Are there any intelligent folks in the Intelligence business?