Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Imam @ Regents Park Mosque attacked

Just a quick post to bring to your attention a grizzly attack on the Imam of London's Central Mosque. Reports suggest that the Imam was repeatedly punched in the face, and an attempt was made to gouge out his eyes resulting in him losing a lot of blood and hospitalisation.

The police are keeping an "open mind" about the incident, as they always do. The Independent plots a timeline at the bottom of this article highlighting attacks on Muslims and Muslim businesses since the end of July and it doesn't make for pretty reading.

In any case, keep the Imam in your du'as. Regents Park Mosque has a tradition of hiring amiable Imams from Egypt, and i have no reason to believe that he was otherwise, despite not having met him personally.

Before i finish off, i also wanted to comment on a local news story. The Christian People's Alliance, a small political party, have a few councillors elected around the borough, and while its usually no problem working alongside Christians, its different with the CPA who are headed up by Alan Craig. Craig is famous for his numerous inaccurate statements about the "mega-mosque" project and has cast doubt on the good character of the group behind the project, the tablighi jamaat.

The story is that one of their councillors, Simeon Ademolake, displayed some rather un-Christian behaviour (unless you're thinking about the Crusades) by assaulting two police officers who came to assist a bailiff at Ademolake's residence collecting an unpaid parking fine.

The Newham Recorder reports that the judge rejected Ademolake's evidence and was "scathing" of his and his wife's testimony. The CPA distorting facts again? Nooooo! This is the same group that attacks Muslims for being homophobic, while fighting equal rights for homosexuals.

Tellingly, neither Ademolake, nor big boss Alan Craig swore on the Bible before giving evidence... guilty conscience, perhaps?

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Anonymous said...

Just read some more details about this horrible attack on ummahpulse.co.uk. - it is worse than you can imagine. May Allah help this imam and save his sight!