Saturday, August 25, 2007

Lawless Britain

Its with great sadness that i read the story of another young victim of UK gun crime. Rhys Jones, a young boy only 11 years old was gunned down for no reason at all whilst walking home from football training.

I've said it before, and i'll say it again: crime in the UK is only going to get worse until we bring in more punitive justice for these crimes. The UK prison population has never been higher and is struggling to cope with the daily intake of criminals, and a complacent government is letting those who committed "softer" crimes out earlier and earlier (though even paedophiles are in with a chance of early release). In short, criminals have got nothing to fear when committing a crime because for them, the consequences aren't too bad.

Growing numbers of the indigenous population of this country are leaving these shores citing crime being out of control as one of their main reasons for leaving. I've even been thinking of it myself!

A work colleague told me the other day that when he was a kid he used to stay busy after school
with basketball practise and other sports and that way he wasn't drawn into the wrong crowd. He tells me that he keeps his son busy with football practise after school in the hope that he will follow his father into a professional career.

The problem in the UK today is that if you're fortunate enough not to be drawn into the wrong crowd when you were young, as with Rhys Jones, the wrong crowd might come looking for you. Rest in peace Rhys, and may Allah give comfort to your family.


Richard H said...

Do you have a theory - or do your fellow citizens offer theories - as to why the UK is "soft" on crime? As a US resident I hear local theories, but I don't know if they are similar to UK theories.

Yusuf Smith said...

As-Salaamu 'alaikum,

I think that more needs to be done to break up these gangs, to tackle the gang culture, to tackle the familial issues which lead to young men being drawn into gangs, and the pop culture which promotes violence.

Also, remember that Britain is already one of the more punitive jurisdictions when it comes to murder - automatic life sentence, and although most murderers who get far enough into their sentence are released, they can be recalled at any time. That isn't the case in much of Europe. I suspect that simply reintroducing the death penalty for those found guilty of murder would not solve the problem, as it has not in the USA. Apart from anything else, many of these killers seem to be under 18, so they could not be executed anyway.

Majed Iqbal said...

Interesting article. I think it is something which is on all of our minds and which we are all thinking about; It has been eye-opening for me how individuals as young as Rhys, who have barely grown up to enjoy life are becoming victims at such a young age.

I have also expressed some views on this topic on my blog